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  The Importance of Our Senior Center

82b3f1_38331243e97e45ef98c73b22044519ed.jpgToday's senior center is filled with educated, active, and vital persons with a wide variety of interests, hobbies and a varying degree of physical abilities. This growing senior population celebrates this time in their lives. We are called to provide greater opportunities for programs, activities and socialization.

Socialization for seniors is a key element for living a happier and more fulfilling life by making opportunities and activities available. It also gives them the opportunity to be around others, share stories, a chance to maintain friendships, and to create new ones.

82b3f1_076f40ba856c49eeb6db0266ef01f926.jpgIda and Terry Morris are relatively new members of the Senior Center, but they "dove right in" and became active members in a hurry. They both volunteer at the Fashions on Central clothing store, and they also serve on the programming committee.

Ida and Terry attend many of the programs and classes, and appreciate the wide variety of activities and classes that are offered--everything from the art-related Gallery on the Go workshop to the health-related balance classes. They also have several suggestions for program additions (waltzing anyone?) when the expansion is completed.


Senior Centers play a very important role in the lives of seniors today by encouraging them to become and remain social.

Socializing can help seniors with depression, dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.

They allow seniors to develop a social network by making and meeting new friends.

Senior centers offer programs and services such as: crafts, bingo, fitness, dances classes, travel to museums, computer classes, health screenings, informational speakers, daily meals, birthday celebrations, outings to live performances, fall foliage tours and local tours.

Enjoying their retirement years in the comfort of their homes is important to seniors of today. The Senior Center is a critical, needed service which enhances this life style.

It offers social benefits, emotional benefits and in some ways financial benefits. When it is hard to see how our community can justify maintaining the Senior Center, consider these important benefits.